CVM entrance


  • Food and drink may only be consumed in designated eating areas in the CVM complex
  • Food and drink for human consumption must be stored in refrigerators labeled for that purpose
  • Hand washing is required after handling animals or animal specimens
  • Animals are not allowed in designated eating areas
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Personal Pets in the 高校 澳门OG真人游戏

  • Personal pets cannot be kept in offices, laboratories, or classrooms

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  • Personal pets are not allowed to walk or run free off-leash/lead on MSU property
  • If there is cage space in the wards, the VMC business office will give consideration to housing personal pets


  • Only email messages approved by the Dean’s Office will be distributed to all users
  • Email must not be used for personal profit, non-profit, or mass mailing purposes
  • Email must not be used to harass, offend, or intimidate other users
  • Email users should not read other’s mail or send mail under the identity of another user


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  • Key card access to the Student Center will be given to members of veterinary and veterinary technology classes
  • Under no circumstances are animals allowed in the Student Center
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